Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They call it Valentine's Day.

What a novel concept. An entire day devoted to telling and showing those that you love how you feel. How perfect for my Pherotones! I trust Elkstrom that soon we will have a distributor and will be able to provide the world with the love that it needs.

On another note, I've been able to update my Web Site with my latest University lecture. It is a strange thing to see yourself on film. Can you trust your eyes? Or do you trust the lens? Do you trust what people say about you? Or do you trust what you feel inside. I find these questions are similar. I could let the critics drown out my beautiful message to the world, or listen to my instincts and push on, sharing with the world my love on this most perfect of days. Ever the hopeless romantic, I will choose the later.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Anonymous The Lion said...

I just found out Dr. Vanderhood will not be visiting The Pennsylvania State University to give a lecture on pherotones. I am extremely disappointed by this annoucment. I can't believe these "real" scientists would make such a claim against the existence of pherotonal phenomenon. I am embarassed, disgusted in fact, by this insult to Dr. Vanderhood and her staff. I hope Dr. Vanderhood will be able to make an appearance here shortly to share this her current results and further evidence of pherotone existence. Please Dr. Vanderhood and staff, continue to press hard with your research and allow the truth to be told!

15 February, 2006 20:09  

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