Thursday, February 16, 2006

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Confucius said that many, many years ago, and it has always been a favorite saying of mine. So today, I take great pride in announcing that has found the perfect partner with The long journey has finally ended. The world can now download my pherotones free and share them with each other in love! I wait eagerly for the real world results to come pouring in.

Another exciting result of my partnership is the ability for me to offer a "Research Grant" in the amount of $6900.69 to anyone who can provide video examples of my pherotones in action. If you visit my website, you can get all the rules and regulations and learn how to upload your video.

A special thank you to all the "Citizen Scientists" out there who have stood by me in this noble cause. Thank you to all of those who emailed me support or IMed me with your good wishes.

Now, I shall curl up in bed and sleep soundly knowing we have achieved something magical.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Barbarians at the gate.

I've just had 15 lectures on my college campus tour cancelled. Thousands of young open minds a little more closed.

I just keep reminding myself that all great scientists have, at one time or another, had to stand by their convictions no matter how incredibly hard the path seemed. In the process, I've become a lightening rod. I wonder how many people doubted the ability to send a voice over a wire until Watson's heart raced when he heard a sound come out of no where?

Now here I stand, alone. A little Dane, with a wild idea to spread a message of love and hope across the globe. But, I will push on. I must. We will find a distributor, and we will achieve our scientific goal. And then maybe, just maybe, even those filled with anger and criticism will find the pherotone that makes their lives a little more happy.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They call it Valentine's Day.

What a novel concept. An entire day devoted to telling and showing those that you love how you feel. How perfect for my Pherotones! I trust Elkstrom that soon we will have a distributor and will be able to provide the world with the love that it needs.

On another note, I've been able to update my Web Site with my latest University lecture. It is a strange thing to see yourself on film. Can you trust your eyes? Or do you trust the lens? Do you trust what people say about you? Or do you trust what you feel inside. I find these questions are similar. I could let the critics drown out my beautiful message to the world, or listen to my instincts and push on, sharing with the world my love on this most perfect of days. Ever the hopeless romantic, I will choose the later.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2006

A note from Elkstrom.

This weekend has been a blur. Between working and researching, I've hardly had a chance to myself. I've decided to let Elkstom handle the business part of this venture, and I'll focus on the research part. After a weekend of intensive "research", I awoke this morning with a message next to my pillow. Ohhhh, the back and forth of love. Is it love, or lust? Maybe it's nothing.

Friday, February 10, 2006


My research seems to consume me...with every moment squeezed for all of its seconds. Things are moving quickly now, and I must be ready for the transition. No one takes a moment off. We eat at our desks. We answer few emails and even fewer IM's. This pace can't keep up. I begin to long for the lazy summer days of my youth near the water. It is my supporters, my fans, my "Citizen Scientists" that keep me going. I look forward to soon offering them something for their smart questions, insightful comments, and constructive criticisms. If only a small token.

Perhaps I will draw a hot bath, and make some tea. It will all work out for the best.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Into the Belly of the Beast: Discussing Pherotones at a Major University.

What an amazing day! Despite mainstream science's aversion to all things Phertonal, there are still a few open minds left on University campuses.

I found a high concentration of wide-open, eager, curious minds at a major local university on friday, and let me tell you the questions were amazing. Can Pherotones be abused? Are Phertones dangerous? Can you use a phertone on yourself? Why do you use stereotypes in your marketing. Is Gender Identity a biological fact or a social construct? Why is the establishment out to get you? Is it about love, sex, or attraction?

Where there are questions, there is life, and where there is life, I want to be there too.I hope to speak all over the country, if your university is still open to vigorous discourse, email me, IM me, or post an invitation to this blog.

Next to field work, the thing I love best about my research is talking to real people about the real issues that surround Pherotones. It is heartening to see so much curiosity still alive in the world. Today was a major step forward in furthering the science of Pherotones.