Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Your '2¢' R Invaluable 2 Me: Enjoying Vigorous Discourse.

No one loves a wild, raucous back-and-forth more than I do.

I won honorable mention in several high school debating competitions, and studied speech and debate at the college level. I learned then to respect all strong, skilled, vocal advocates as either invaluable allies or worthy foes.

Mediocrity often pervades the public conversation, but not when it comes to the Pherotones debate. Both our supporters and detractors are intelligent, witty, and doggedly devoted to their positions.

That's why I want to give shout outs to all the bloggers linking to me. If you would like, I can link to you, just say so in the comments section of this thread. Or email me. Or send me an IM.

And for our determined detractors, challenging us in every far corner of the blogoverse, we salute your due diligence. Without you, the Internets would fall into disgrace.


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