Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The more digging I do, the more mysteries pop up. (guess that's why scientific research is so important.)

Check out this link. It's very strange.

Not sure yet, but these sounds may have pherotonal significance. If true, it would lead me to some pretty scary conclusions.

Three women from my lab reported "symptomatic arousal" as they were listening.


Are these Pherotones?

There are dozens of sites out there like this. I just chose this one at random. If these are actual spy transmissions, is it possible that government scientists have been working in secret for years on the dark side of pherotones?

This is why this research is so important.

I am going to have to be very careful.

PS: Here's the wikipedia link to "numbers stations."


Anonymous frank said...

Dr Vanderhood,

First, let me say that I am a huge fan of your work. I admire your bold pursuit into a science that many might excuse as just mere coincidence ... that probably subjects you to children pointing and laughing at you as you walk down the steet. Your courage is an inspiration to us all.

I visited these "numbers stations" sites right after I was reading in your FAQ about the mysteries of how animals attract and select mates. So I decided to go against better judgement and play some of these numbers segments for both my dog and my cat, simultaneously. I was amazed ... and quite frankly horrified, by their reaction.

I have always thought that some things just shouldn't be. The way that my dog looked at my cat made me realize that I had just witnessed one of them. The raw passion between the two of them is just unnatural.

But it leads me to only one conclusion ... these "numbers clips" are truely government intelligence at work. They somehow found a way to make animals do unnatural things. By playing them on the airwaves of their enemies, they can cause a panic all over the place. In the pandemonium of it all, they could just walk in and take over.

It's a scary thought, but one that is now the preoccupation of my life. I'll update you on future findings ... I pray that I am wrong.

29 January, 2006 13:46  
Blogger Dr. Myra Vanderhood said...

Frank, thank you for your gripping, and disturbing, thoughts.

Whether or not the numbers stations are broadcasting pherotones to foreign enemies, or vice versa, yours is a cautionary tale of what ca happen when good science runs amok.

While it the theme of many horror and science-fiction fantasies, it is no less true.

I hope that my work with Pherotones will benefit mankind. The numbers stations may well represtent the "black arts" of pherotonal research, while my studies, if they lead me where I hope they do, will bathe the world in a golden, glorious light of widespread sexual satisfaction.

It may work. It may not. But we will never know unless I try.

29 January, 2006 18:51  

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