Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spreading the Pherotone Joy: Tower of Babel Edition

I have a hunch.

What if we translate the Pherotone Imperative into a lot of different languages...will we draw a lot more visitors from overseas...let's call it the Tower of Babel Experiment.

(I tweaked the phrase to make it a tad more translatable...)

Discover Pherotones. The erotic ring tone secret that attracts romance and lifts your love life high.

Now for the translations:

Chinese: 发现Pherotones 。吸引言情和举您的爱生活高的色情圆环口气秘密。

En Español: Descubra Pherotones. El secreto erótico del tono del anillo que atrae romance y levanta su colmo de la vida del amor.

Even the words sound enticing in Spanish!

And one more, Italian, the language of Rome. And because I would love to do a lecture tour in Italy. Of course the Italians proably don't need ringtone magic to make them exquisite lovers.

Italian: Scopra Pherotones. Il segreto erotic di tono dell'anello che attrae romanzesco ed alza il vostro high di vita di amore.

And here, after being translated through three languages is our Internationalized motto.

"It discovers Pherotones. The secret erotic of tone of the ring that
attracts romanzesco and raises yours high of love life."

I'm afraid it's all Esperanto to me.

I hope this works.


Anonymous Charles Whitman said...

Here in Hungarian:

Ez a baromsag a Pherotones. Ez a vilag legnagyob becsapasa es eszt a hulyet le kelene loni.

25 January, 2006 16:32  
Blogger Dr. Myra Vanderhood said...

Great! Thank you so much.

I hope many people from all over the world will add their voices here.

In their native tongues.

25 January, 2006 16:47  

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