Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'll call him Ekstrom...

Just did a blogger search of the word "Attraction".

When people talk about attraction, they range from the rational to the delusional, from the ecstatic to the regretful.

I'm sure I fall somewhere in between those four points. I'm certainly very confused, of that I am sure.

I just got back from a long weekend with Ekstrom. I'll call him Ekstrom because it's not his real name, although once I describe him you might be able to guess who he is. I am not blogging to brag, or be an exhibitionist, or to tell secrets, but this story is important in the Pherotone story, and it is my story. Of course, he's in it, this mysterious Ekstrom, but I have spoken with Ekstrom about this, and he is cool with it, as long as I call him Ekstrom, which he thinks sounds dashing.

I asked him if I could call him "My Boyfriend Ekstrom" but he just laughed, and said "Just Ekstrom" was fine for now, which is cool with me, because what's the rush to put labels on something. I mean, we know how we feel about each other. Why plaster it all over the internet?

Do I sound like a teenager? Funny, how life is. You think you're a grown up adult mature woman, and a good looking guy with s cell phone chages your life for ever, and you find out life isn't what you thought it was.

Oh gosh, now I'm all tired, too tired to do justice to the story. I still need to unpack and get settled. We're almost ready to launch the site. Lots of work to do.

Anyway, more tomorrow about how Ekstrom came into my life.


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