Friday, January 27, 2006

The data begins to pour in...warts and all.

OK, folks, this is huge.

Our Discovering Pherotones blog has its first major deposit of orignial research, a study conducted entirely independently of the Auditory Institute, RTP.

A brave, bold, visionary young man named Mike Schramm didn't know what to make of us at first. But rather than write us hateragemail, mock us anonymously online, or ignore us, he did what every concerned citizen-scientist should do, he decided to test our findings.

Bravo, Mike. Thank you for putting yourself on the line before dismissing us out of hand. You didn't love all the pherotones, but we love you for doing such careful, brave work.

Thank you, sir.

PS: Oh, yes, now that I read his bio, I can see I am not dealing with your average blogger.

It starts:

"Mike Schramm was born at an early age, and has lived a life of mystery and intrigue since then..."

And it gets better from there.


Anonymous Wannabe a Mack Daddy said...

Doc, I gots to get me some pheratones... so I can mack on some bitches, you know what I'm sayin? Hook me up... dont make me beg... what's with all this teasin and denial? Come on now....

27 January, 2006 02:18  
Blogger Ole said...

Hi. I have never had a better life before I discovered Pherotones. But you got some serious competition from The Johnny Cane Band. The vote is on and the competition is going to be hard for shure!

27 January, 2006 04:25  
Blogger Dr. Myra Vanderhood said...

This is exactly the kind of useful contribution a citizen-scientist can make to this project.

So much more demonstative and engaging than indulging in a lot of sciencespeak.

Let the voters decide, and the chips fall where they may.

27 January, 2006 11:45  
Blogger Ole said...

By the way, have you thought of the combination of Pherotones combined with the cell phones vibration. You might have found what you can call Orgasmotones!

27 January, 2006 12:03  

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